Monday, May 19, 2008

SVG for Plasmoids/widgets. part 1: Education

Small SVGs suitable for use as background for Plasmoids and widgets:


Example uses: for showing content with white or pastel color text (Kalzium - did you know) or simple drawings.

White board

Example uses: for showing content with black or typical white-board-colors on text or simple drawings.

Projector screen closed

For saving space on desktop when not in use?

Projector screen ready

For showing full color content like pictures movies or similar.

Projector screen and blackboard combined
blackboard active

Could be used to show different content in one widget were user could interact to select between two modes (example: text on the blackboard and illustration on the screen). A toggle between modes could be a mouse click in area A (below).

Projector screen and blackboard combined
screen active

The screen mode for full color possibilities on the content displayed.
Interactive area suggestions:
A - toggle between screen and blackboard content
B - draw new/more content
C - clean up and start over again

Functionality mentioned above is only suggestions from me. Use the drawings as you like. No interactions code exist from me and I can't code. I can help if code needs special content on the drawings, let me know what is needed.

Illustrations on this post is made in Inkscape: The blackboards, white-boards and projector-screens is the SVGs drawn by me. The stick-people-drawings on the first blackboard and on the white-board is early inkscape work by my (by then about 4 or 5 year old) son. The pretending to be desktop-background is an old OS/2 wallpaper heavy modified by me.