Saturday, February 23, 2008

Iodine and Camcorder

I take the opportunity to start creating as many icons/drawings as possible now when it is winter and I got the time. The plan is to finish them up later when I don't have so much continuous time to spend on them. These (Iodine and Indium) however was finished some time ago. Lots of unfinished drawings laying in my desktop makes it easy to find something to do.

One drawing is bothering me a little;
I was planning drawing a car for Palladium to illustrate a Catalytic converter. If I draw a normal car the catalytic part wont show, a car who is nice to draw and viewed partly from down-up is hard to find and if I draw only the Catalytic converter it may be hard to recognize. These thoughts have made me put this drawing on hold, but I have to start it now so any opinion is welcome. To summon up, I can:
  • draw a normal car and the part won't show
  • draw the part without the car
  • draw a car witch show the exhaust system from behind (the part is hidden in the front)
  • wait an uncertain time until I find a car I can take a photo of from the down-up (not my favorite now, since I have been doing only this until now and it may not happend)
Status rapport from me: mainly start working on new drawings, not so much work being done on finished them, and some times consumed by experimenting.