Thursday, June 19, 2008

SVG for Plasmoids/widgets. part 2: Universal

Dedicate this post to promote the use of genuine -looking windows on the desktop. Lets put windows in every homes desktop directory (well windows is not useful for every computer user, but maybe to some?)

This is a follow up on previous post. SVGs done (the windows, curtains and drop screen), no code from me. The pretend to be wallpaper is taken from OS/2 and only modified by me and is therefore not Free. Content in the window (the view is from photos I took today from our windows) is not in the SVGs.

I call them: My "~/desktop/windows"

Light conditions should depend on where it is brightest inside or outside. In these examples I have some of each, above is it bright outside and lots of highlights and shadow from the handle.

Dark outside: no highlight in the windows-frames (above).

More light from outside than on the inside (above).

Suggestions for usage:
  • Kalzium: Information about an chemical experiment written on the interior drop screen and a You-Tube/movie showing someone doing the experiment outside the window when the drop screen is rolled up.
  • Web cam: show your own or a distant web cam in a window to keep an eye on: your kids play in the garden, home surveillant camera or web cast.
  • Weather widget: Look out the window to see the weather information.
  • Photo frame widget: show local or online pictures.
  • Movie/TV widget: You-Tube, net-broadcast.
  • "insert your Idea here" or anything else.

I hope for some magic code for these, to bring them to plasmoids/widgets. Colors can easy be adjusted, let me know what you want, and the silly "logo" wears off when washed;-)

A little closer up.