Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Drawings for Kalzium update

Long time since the last blogg. I don't use Inkscape so much during summer. When using it again in the autumn I do some playing/experimentation and some off-topic illustrations first.

After Christmas I was ready to get on track again and finished up the drawings I left half-done last spring, to warm up. After some productive weeks I'm now getting closer to reach my first goal of have a complete set of illustrations for the iconic-view of Kalzium. It's only missing nine illustrations (elements; 63-71) in the Kalzium I use to for testing. This is the first half of what done lately, contributed in January and February, second part will follow soon and the rest (9) will hopefully be completed within a couple of month (or sooner).

Google summer Code for Kalzium: There is a Kalzium beautification idea on the; Summer of Code/2009/Ideas I really hope this can be realized as it can make Kalzium appeal to a broader group of users.

I was thinking to also replace salt with stable soap because reacting fat with NaOH will make it solid and reacting fat with KOH will make soft or liquid soap.

This is a Parker 51 ink-pen even if its tip looks like a roller-pen. Palladium is one of the metals inside the catalytic converter.

Mercury in many of these energy-saving light bulbs, so don't throw them in ordinary garbage and "run" away if they crush.

Argon gas between the glasses in energy efficient windows.

Osmium needle on 78-rpm record-player; the phonograph.

After my last blog-post about graphics for plasmoids/widgets; I ended up getting a SVN account (this is at first very scary for a non-developer). Blackboard, whiteboard, projector-screen and window -SVGs is available in: trunk/playground/artwork/Oxygen/jarle/ for anyone interested.