Saturday, March 17, 2007

Ok, first try:

This is my first blog. I'm trying to use Inkscape to make some contribution to the word of Gnu-Linux. I will post here; ongoing drawings, some thoughts about it and results. My first focus will be drawing small illustrations for Kalzium (wonderful application about elements).

So Hello, my name is Jarle and I live in Norway with my wife and 2 children (1 and 5 years old). I have been using Gnu-Linux for about 10 years along with dos/windows OS/2. Got access to Internet for about a year ago, witch explain why it took so long to contribute. Hopefully I'm on a roll now. The drawing is done mostly on evenings, with frequently interruptions with small hands grabbing my mouse or keyboard from me (my 1 year old son). This way I can have something done, albeit slowly. Also I don't "do" English very good, so if someone is insulted by anything; its probably only because of this, its not my attempt to insult anyone here.


Yomizmo said...

Welcome to the "real world" :P
Nice illustrations,why not to upload later all the svg to ? It's good for all!
Go ahead with your work! ;)

Jarle Richard Akselsen said...

Thank you Yomizmo. I send the illustrations (svg) to Carsten Niehaus who put them on
where they are available.
If there is other useful places to send them, I happily do that later.

Anonymous said...

Hey. Your work is very good!!

Stunning pictures ;) I am really looking forward to the new Kalzium!