Sunday, March 25, 2007

Tin-can and Smoke-detector/Fire-alarm

First: Thanks for all comments, it's overwhelming and sooo nice :-)
These drawings were send; 9 and 14 mars. I did a preview earlier and like to present them here now. Some ongoing drawings are: lighter for La (Think is ready now), milk for Ca (calcium) (I hope this is valid?), water-glass/lemonade-glass for Si and Coins for Ni and Cu. I'll be back with previews for these.


Kunal Thakar said...

great work there. i believe graphic artists like you are going to be extremely crucial if KDE is to be successful. Hopefully, you will contribute elsewhere in KDE :)

Anonymous said...

Calcium? Chalk!

n8f8 said...

Beautiful work.

liquidat said...

You made it to digg - more or less ;) :
It is a link to a post of mine about your new artwork for Kalzium/KDE.

However, when you start reading the comments keep some things in mind:
Most people commented there compared your icons to icons which wouldn't fir to Kalzium's needs. For example, your icons have to fit into a certain size - most of the icon examples listed as "better" in the digg comments would never meet that requirement. Not at all.

That's the downside of popularity: you do not only get well reasoned feedback and constructive criticisms, you also get the garbage and trash of all the other people who don't understand the topic, don't see what it is about or simply don't read the article.
And you also get the output of the people who love to make dumb complains/stupid remarks/hide their problems.

So, keep up the good work, don't loose the focus on your aims - and if you read comments, learn to filter the garbage and pick out everything which has good thoughts or constructive criticism.

Jarle Richard Akselsen said...

First thanks for the encouraging comments.
The wikipedia gave me nice Idea to an alternative illustration - Blackboard chalk. I have already started the milk-container thou, but are not certain of its correctness (is it wrong?).
Thank you Liquidat for your story and for preparing me before reading the digg-comments. I stay focused on the drawing, and you have given me good advice here. This have been a big surprise for me. I believe it will calm down into anonymously soon now, but I don't feel so alone here now; creating my little drawings:-)

liquidat said...

Well - its just digg after all, so yes, in two or three days the digg people will not even remember that there were such a story.

You might be faced again with at least some rather strange or just dumb "comments" when the new Kalzium will be presented at - but now you're prepared, and I'm very sure that you will handle this ;)

Vasanth said...

Great work.i second what Kunal Thakar commented.KDE needs u :)

Jarle Richard Akselsen said...

Thanks :-)