Monday, April 9, 2007

Milk and Glass

The glass for Si (silicon) should be the empty one, i guess.

Have started to work on; tire for Te (tellurium) (the preview), TNT for N (nitrogen), PVC-pipe for Cl (chlorine) and microchip for Ga (gallium).

Think I try a solar-cell for Rb (rubidium), and are looking around for a model.

I have some problems finding good objects for Ge (germanium) (something common, easy recognizable in 40 x 40 pixel - object). It seems like some optical-electronic devices uses it, but which devices and which part on it? (remote control? CD-player?) Maybe someone know? ;-)


FirePhoto said...

germanium diode maybe?

Cylmor said...

I think the tire should be zoomed.

Like this:

Or like this with a car tire:

Or this one without the cut: Tire.jpg

I like your work, keep rocking :)

Blue Lightning said...

For Gallium you might want to consider an LED instead of a microchip:

Louis said...

Here's a link with a picture of some germanium transistors:

Good luck finding something common and easily recognizeable thats logical for germanium.

sturmflut said...

Germanium is used in optical lenses for night-vision glasses because Germanium Oxide is transparent to infrared light.

It's hard to find anything that has to do with semiconductors and Germanium at the same time because Germanium has been obsoleted by Silicon in most areas, so I would go for optical uses.

Jarle Richard Akselsen said...

Thanks for the valuable comments above.
I have reached a point were I use more time finding good objects to draw, than drawing them. I use google a lot but the knowledge of exact products that uses what is hard to find. So yours input is important to me.
BTW could the microchip be used at something else than Ga? (I'm mostly done with the drawing). And thanks again for helping me :-)

farfromthebeach said...

Never heard of rubidium used in solar cells; but, germanium is the major component of modern solar cells, particularly for space application. Interestingly, Ge is also the secret component of Argentium Silver, that makes the sterling non-tarnishing. I dig your stuff - very imaginative.

Jarle Richard Akselsen said...

Maybe I shall wait to draw Rb, until I find something else. Thank you :-)

Anonymous said...

for Si maybe a nice beach is better than the empty glass :)

Jarle Richard Akselsen said...

Si (silicon) seem to be almost everywhere;-) The icon-set I draw for now should represent something the element is used for (in). Maybe it is a good idea to make another set who focus on the occurrence (where it is found) later? I don't know.

Anonymous said...

Germanium is used in microchips in general, in combination with Si.

However it has a wide range of applications, especially in radiation detector lenses, which are build starting from a single big crystal of this element. It is also used in chemotherapy.

Jarle Richard Akselsen said...

Thank you. I made a microscope to represent Ge now, to replace the LED who now is for Ga. The microchip who could also represent Ge is set for As (semiconductor). If I knew earlier I could only trade LED and Microchip, but then I would not get the chance to draw a microscope - witch was fun to draw:-)