Monday, April 16, 2007

Tyre and TNT

Made some changes to the tyre for Tellurium (after the preview) and finished the TNT for nitrogen. Have started work on a flashlight for Kr (krypton).


Anonymous said...

nice ^^

Anonymous said...

don't use those palle colors
they make the icons look worst a white background mkes them look alot better
also try to use a standard prespective.

Jarle Richard Akselsen said...

The icons is presented on white background on the Kalzium icon-set site. I wanted here to show them with color background since the Kalzium has color (but I don't know if the colors will show on the icon-view). It can be boring with the green I guess, but this is only for work in progress.
I try to use a few standard perspective, but zoom in and out, look from over and under more freely to get the objects recognizable in the small size (40 x 40) pixel (I also have to leave room for some air - at least on most of them, since the icons is placed tight together). The lighting of the objects should be for the most similar though. I think some of the drawings needs some additional work later and I plan to do some finishing later. Thanks for your input.

Anonymous said...

Very nice, the only thing I'd change is to move the postion where the fuse enters the dynamite. Appears to me its off centre (needs going left a bit).


Jarle Richard Akselsen said...

Thank you Cole.
The "plug" with the hole for the wires is a little bit (about 1 cm. from the edge)in the tubes. Maybe I should make this more clear (change the light inside the tube), or have the wires moved to the edge (make the tubes "closed"). I shall look over it later. Thanks :-)

name said...

Wonderful blog.