Monday, May 21, 2007

Microscope and Lead-glass door

A microscope for Germanium to replace LED. The changes are:

As suggested by Blue Lightning: LED for Gallium instead of Germanium who is now represented with a microscope.
The old microchip for Gallium, represent Arsenic instead now.

Made another variation to the radioactive-icon, so there is more to choose from. J is from the first version (K), but with a black dot in the middle (thanks to the commenter's).
A to I is the new ones. They are all the same with different colors, except C who also have added transparency to the far out parts of the rings.
Since many elements is going to be represented by the radioactive-icon, I may try out more ideas later.


JSinger said...

Sorry, what is the connection between germanium and microscopes?

Jarle Richard Akselsen said...

Germanium is used in lenses for night-vision cameras, wide angel camera lenses and objective-lenses for microscopes.

Anschel said...

Truth is, anyone who needs an icon for Germanium won't know the connection. The most important elements to cover are the ones which people already know.

Also, I think J is the best "radioactive" symbol because the totally new ones (A-I) are too generic and could be taken to mean pretty much anything.

Jarle Richard Akselsen said...

There is planed to show explanatory text to the icons in Kalzium to show the connections with the elements.
Thank you for your opinion on the radioactive -symbol :-)

Chus said...

This is what I think: Glass Door

Anonymous said...

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