Saturday, June 30, 2007

Coins, Flashlight and Satellite

Some more icons for Kalzium finished:
  • Nickel and copper -coins
  • Flashlight with krypton light bulb
  • Satellite with atomic clock (Rubidium is resonant element)
More icons mostly done but not finished yet:
P (guitar strings), Sr (CRT- TV), I (antiseptics), Sc (Xerox-machine), In (LCD-screen on camcorder), Mn (digger-machine) and Ce (oven).
Next icon to create: Pd (car exhaust).


Benoit said...

I love these icons, you really are gifted!

But could you try to sync with Noémie in order to avoid duplicating effort? She already did for Cu almost exactly the same icon...

I suggest that you subscribe to the mailing list, where the discussion on kalzium icons is happening.

Maybe you can also contact Noémie directly. You can also use svn or websvn to check which icons there already are. The command is:

svn co svn://

Anyway: keep up the good work, it's very much appreciated :)

Anonymous said...

Most visible parts of the satellite are its "wings", so I'd think about the solar cells, but surely not the clock. Relating Krypton to a light bulb is news to me as well (give Superman a chance - *grins*). The images in itself are very nice, though.

Sheldon Cumming said...

Awesome work.

Jarle Richard Akselsen said...


Sorry about the duplicate work. I started drawing the coins (both) 21 mars, but let them wait because I started focus on the icons for the p and s block when they were ready to colorize (mostly done).

I use a 3 step "system" to create icons:
1. choosing/planning what to draw, usually locate and take photos of object
2. start drawing, constructing all the pieces
3. colorize, make the light/shadow and corrections

Each step take about equal amount of time. But between step 1 and 2 there may go some time (weeks), and between step 2 and 3; I let it intentional go long time so I can see it with "new" eyes for the final step.

Since I'm not working on one icon at a time but in bulks; it seem to take long from start to finish (months). I can inform better what I'm working on, maybe that could avoid some of the duplicating effort.

The list of remaining icon to draw is smaller now. I start reworking some of the first icons I made (witch was made in another style), when the "todo" list (from mailing list)is done.

Hmmm Superman Krypton... Sorry did not have a superhero defeat "stuff" to sit modeling for me;-)

Benoit said...

I can inform better what I'm working on, maybe that could avoid some of the duplicating effort.

Yeah, sending a mail early to the list (kalzium kde org) is a good idea.

Thanks again for your work!

Anonymous said...

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